We Love America

This Valentine's Day, we're showing America some love. Here's why.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

It can be a stressful holiday, no? The day of love. If you’re single, the day seems to rub that fact in your face. If you’re in a relationship, there’s added societal pressure to do something creative for your special someone. These expectations are what inspired us to launch our “Love Letters to America” campaign. This one day is obsessed with broadcasting romantic love, but why not tell America what we love about it? Lady Liberty has been through a lot for us. She loves us. And she’s worried that we are so unstable right now.

America is broken right now. Everyone is yelling over each other without taking the time to listen to anyone else. This doesn’t accomplish anything, does it? Is anyone else deafened by all the noise? People are so afraid they will get lost in the shuffle, that they only care about being louder than the next person. No one is taking the time to remember why this country matters so much to us in the first place - and it must, right? Otherwise we would simply accept whatever happens to it.

We don’t want to give up. America’s awesome! It’s beautiful, it’s diverse, it’s free. The values that our nation was founded on have never been more important than they are right now.

Let’s take a quick trip down historical memory lane.

The year was 1775. The colonists that were here were fed up with the British monarchy. They were like, “We don’t want to pay these absurd tea taxes!” Tensions between colonists and the king across the ocean were running high. A brutal war ensued. The colonists had the home court advantage, and against all odds, came out on top. On July 4th, 1776, the colonists gained their independence.

The Revolutionary War was only the beginning of our trials. Since 1775, America has been tested time and time again. A civil war threatened to tear us apart at our seams. Women had the audacity to demand equal rights, which divided us temporarily. People of color sought integration, and white citizens fought back because they didn’t want to give up their privilege. LGBTQ citizens fought for the right to marry, and religious groups pushed back. There have always been, and will continue to be, tensions in America because of its great diversity.

But we see that America is a nation whose people will constantly seek to advance its society, who will fight for what is just, and who will be tireless in their pursuit of freedom and liberty. It’s important to remember that the determination that allowed us to fight a brutal war and the many battles that ensued was fueled by the deep love we hold dear for this country. We will only get through this divisive time together if we collectively nourish our admiration for this nation that has been there since day one. Never forget that America is larger than one person, one moment, one battle. Our dedication to the will of the people is what sets us apart from other countries.

We’re divided right now, but it’s nothing we can’t handle - if we remember why we love this country. Despite all of its problems, this country is ours. America, at its core, is the land of opportunity. We don’t turn away people because of nationality, gender, religion, or the color of their skin. So join us in taking a moment to remember why we love this land. And spread that love every time you take action to make America the best it can possibly be.

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