Why Smartphones Aren't Smart Enough To Vote Online Yet

The Internet is a glorious place where we can do just about anything. We willingly offer up private information to our banks because they promise the data will be kept safe. We trust that our browser history in incognito mode won’t be looked at. We logically know that anything on the Internet is at risk of being seen, but we also believe that if we take extra steps to implement complicated passwords, then our information is generally safe and we can trust where it goes. So, why can’t we vote online?

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What is RISE?

An updated summary of what RISE is and what we're trying to do. Check out our Medium account, where original content will be posted regularly.

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100 Day Anniversary!

We are celebrating our 100 day anniversary this week! As many of you know, RISE Movement was founded on November 9th, 2016. After the election, Ellie Bahrmasel and Genevieve Thiers got together and collectively decided that staying still and remaining silent was simply not an option. And so, RISE was born in a living room among a group of dejected and defeated individuals.

We’ve been busy since that day! In 100 days we have, among other things:


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When you're trying to change the world, things are going to be up in the air for a while. How do you make sure you're disrupting the status quo responsibly?



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We know we do not normally post on Wednesdays, but we are starting a presence on BlogLovin'! Follow us there. 

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We Love America

This Valentine's Day, we're showing America some love. Here's why.

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Dumb Debates

Last week, we filmed the first episode of “Dumb Debates,” a series we are collaborating on with the talented video producer David Wolff. Its premise - people who fall on decidedly opposing sides of the political spectrum have friendly debates while playing party games. Our participants last week included two Liberals, one Libertarian, and one Republican.


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How We Organize

This article explores how we organize in teams to get things done.

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Why We Marched

This past Friday, Donald Trump was sworn into office as the 45th president of the United States. This past Saturday, peaceful marches arose across the globe in response to the comments made during the election cycle. The march’s organizers were adamant that this march was NOT “anti-Trump”; rather, it was a chance for women and allies alike to gather in solidarity, gearing up for what is sure to be a long fight for justice.

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Our First Friendraiser


We had our first RISING event last night! Thanks to our friends at Savage Smith Studios, we were able to host over 200 people at a unique space. We had plenty of chocolate to go around, thanks to Vosges chocolate. A guest at last night’s event approached me to joke that there was too much chocolate - but we respectfully disagree. There can never be too much chocolate! A group of talented actors performed a spoken word flash mob, which was a unique experience, to say the least. Our guests were surprised to witness actors who they had believed to be guests start standing up on chairs and performing spoken word about what RISE is.

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