About Us

RISE movement is a group of concerned citizens that love America.  We want to fix a broken political system that has little engagement from the people it’s meant to serve.  Our goal is to get non-voters back to the polls by listening to their voices.  Here’s a few ways you can help us:
  • Sign up here to help us and get our daily bulletins to see our work on the ground.
  • Read our RISE report here—it explains how we lost, and puts forth some good ideas about how to win again.
  • See our RISE dashboard here—and learn how we’re helping organize the political landscape.

RISE may be tackling serious issues but we aren't all business. As can be seen in our revolutionary-themed photoshoot, we believe that part of uniting America is having fun together. Let's laugh together and re-unite America.

RISE Movement, 
320 W Ohio St #3w,
Chicago, IL 60654