100 Day Anniversary!

We are celebrating our 100 day anniversary this week! As many of you know, RISE Movement was founded on November 9th, 2016. After the election, Ellie Bahrmasel and Genevieve Thiers got together and collectively decided that staying still and remaining silent was simply not an option. And so, RISE was born in a living room among a group of dejected and defeated individuals.

We’ve been busy since that day! In 100 days we have, among other things:


Created a 527
Recruited over 10,000 followers
Developed one primary and two supplementary websites
Hired a team of five, including Ellie and Genevieve
Organized a significant RISE presence at eight women’s marches across the country
Established a social media presence on all major platforms
Released our first quarterly report
Spoken at over twenty events
Met with Google to discuss revolutionary technology to change how voters vote
Planned, organized, and recruited for weekly call parties
Began development of our new app that will reimagine peer-to-peer voter engagement

This is only a sampling, a taste, of what we’ve accomplished and of what’s to come. We could not be more humbled and proud of the direction we’re heading and for all of your support.

It’s a tumultuous moment in our history. Everyone seems to be arguing over each other without taking a moment to listen. Regardless of whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, member of the Green Party, Independent, or a combination of any or none of these, your voice matters. Moving forward, we are focusing on developing a revolutionary field program and cutting edge technology to enable and inspire more citizens to get out there and vote. In these 100 days, we’ve had to mostly react to events out of our control. It’s been exciting chaos, but chaos nonetheless.

We don’t expect the chaotic nature of our work to die down anytime soon. We do, however, expect to control our narrative more moving forward. For example, Ellie and Nora are at the DNC vote in Atlanta, Georgia right now. Early in March, we have a fundraising event with Google. We are in the process of developing an app that will help expand your social networks and get nonvoters back to the polls. Nora is creating new content, Jeremy has been able to dig into user-friendly technology, and Josh is organizing proactive events.

These 100 days have been an incredible whirlwind. We don’t intend to slow down anytime soon, and these next 100 days will be twice as incredible. We hope you continue to share our mission with your network. No matter at what point in these 100 days you joined us on our journey, thank you. Your support has been such an integral motivator for us. We will continue to address your pain points and slowly but surely we will all improve the world, together.

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