• About NewFounders

NewFounders is a coalition of leaders who want to innovate the political space, including major activist groups that have emerged in the months since the election. Some of these groups are Women’s March, Brand New Congress, Indivisible, Flippable, Swingleft, Demlabs, Wall-of-us, RunForSomething and much more. Conversations are just beginning, but we all want to use innovation to reconnect people and politics.

We are hosting the NewFounders conference on Oct. 17th - 18th at the UIC Forum in Chicago. 800 strategists, activists, economists, donors, fighters, leaders and policymakers are expected to come, condense efforts, grow, and plan for the future during this three-day conference. Through panels, talks, breakout groups, brainstorming sessions, videos, and a rally at the end, the conference will begin to bring politics and people back together and work on policy to move the world forward in critical areas (education, globalization, automation, climate). This conference will be like the DNC crashed into SXSW, with the media side of TED. In fact, we are also creating a “TEDx” version of the New Founders summit, so that activists all around the country can unlock the benefits of NewFounders. Event registration opens in two weeks, but if you can't make it, the conference will also be live-streamed for mass consumption and participation.

See more at www.newfoundersconference.com.

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